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UPDATE: "art challenge: LAGUEPEvsLADSOR" står på standby.


"This is very nerdy, this is very amazing, and as said at the page where I found it and got kind of almost wrapped up in it: The abridged story of life on earth, as told through the medium of walking fingers. SO, I got the thought that if I were allowed to use my computer during my verbal biology exam in about two weeks and if I then drew something about the evolutionary theory I would - still in my dreams, don’t trust me - show this to my teacher and the external examiner with a smile upon my lips; “And the most funny thing about this is that it is very likely true comparable with what the book says about this theme. It shows a lot about the evolution in spite of the fact that it is called an abridged version.” And all this just because I know that even tired people - they often are - sitting in a hot room for hours with different nervous students will smile and nod and make a joke out of it and have a nice day because of this short film. Or more likely; simply because this film made me smile so much that my cheeks still hurt and I can’t forget it but reblog it so it can be shared with you." 
- laguepe @ laguepeatoxique

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